International exchange in Tottori Uni.

Report of Overseas Travel

Report of Overseas Travel

Please download the following form of "Report of Overseas Travel" to fill out and submit it to the Educational Affairs Section(Kyoumu kakari) at your faculty or graduate school; Freshman at the faculty of Medicine needs to submit it to the Educational Affairs Division at the Student Affairs Department. Moreover, please make sure to take "Overseas Safety Management", Overseas Safety Seminar or Introduction to Education prior to your departure.

※Type in the Report of Overseas Travel except signature
  Form of Report of Overseas Travel  Pleease print it double-sided.

日本医師会 海外旅行必携ハンドブック Revised Report of Overseas Travel

 Overseas Safety Education 

※Please check the above "Overseas Safety" to confirm the necessary lectures or seminars prior to your departure.

Tottori University Oversea Security Measures

1. Participate in “Overseas Safety Management” classes, Overseas Safety Seminar or Introduction to Education at University prior to departure in accordance with the announcement of April 10th, 2015

2. Undergo medical checkup and purchase Overseas Travel Accident Insurance prior to departure.

3. Read thoroughly the “Kaigai Anzen Tora no Maki (handbook for oversea travelers)” issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs before departure.(http://www.anzen.mofa.go.jp/pamph/pamph_01.html

4. Obtain the information on your destination country/region from the following link to ensure appropriate security considerations and awareness. □Ministry Foreign Affairs (http://www.pubanzen.mofa.go.jp) □Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfareページ(http://www.forth.go.jp/)

5. Take necessary vaccinations prior to departure.

6.  Register “Residence Report” if you stay overseas more than three months. Or, register “tabireg,” if you stay overseas less than three months.

7. Obtain permission from your parents prior to departure.

8.  Observe all rules and regulations of your destination country/region and behave in a responsible manner for your own safety.

9. Inform the University or the closest embassy/consulate of your new address, telephone number when you change them as well as update your “Residence report” or “Tabireg.”