A result of the lottery for Kyoto Study Tour

公開日: 2013-01-24

According to the lottery for Kyoto Study Tour, the selected order "first to twentyth" are selected.
Please check your lottery No.

Selected order Lottery No. Selected order Lottery No. Selected order Lottery No. Selected order Lottery No.
First 25 Second 18 Third 20 Fourth 22
Fifth 21 Sixth 27 Seventh 10 Eighth 24
Nineth 28 Tenth 3 Eleventh 2 Twelveth 26
thirteenth 6 Fourteenth 7 Fifteenth 12 Sixteenth 15
Seventeenth 4 Eighteenth 11 Nineteenth 19 Twentyth 8
Twenty-first 14 Twenty-second 23 Twenty-third 1 Twenty-fourth 13
Twenty-fifth 31 Twenty-sixth 5 Twenty-seventh 16 Twenty-eighth 9
Twenty-nineth 17 Thirtyth 29 Thirty-first 30    

If you are selected as a participant of the tour please come to IAD with the participation fees, your national health insurance card and the application of the lottery written the lottery No. by Monday, January 28. (Please pay the exact amount of money so that change may not be needed.)
*If you don't pay the participation fees by January 28, we think you will cancel your application.
Please let us know your cancellation by 5pm January 28, if you decide to cancel.
Your participation fees may not be reimbursed when you cancel your application after January 29.

The detail of the Kyoto Study Tour is as follows,

Thursday, March 7 - Friday, March 8, 2013  (2-day 1-night trip)
The first day 8:00    meet at Tottori University and depart to Kyoto
13:00  Arrive at Kyoto and  go to the study tour (Sanjusangen-do, Kiyomizu temple)
18:00  arrive at the Kyoto Utano Youth Hostel
*Whould you come to IAD to get a leaflet for the tour from March 1 to March 6. Please check the meeting time in the leaflet because it might be changed.
The second day 8:30    Depart from the hostel
9:00    the study tour in Kyoto (travel in a small group)
15:30  Depart to Tottori
20:00  Arrive at Tottori University 
Participation fees
6,000 yen
    -Accommodation fee(including dinner and breakfast)  
    -Accident insurance
  -Addmission fee for Sanjusangen-do and Kiyomizu temple
*Lunch for 2days and transportation fee for the second day's traveling in a small group aren't included in the participation fees.
Number of the participants
Submission of the report
The participants have to submit a report of the study tour written in Japanese or English and on A4 paper to IAD by Monday, March 18.
*There are no towels and toothbrush in the hostel so that please take them by yourself.