Skiing Tour To Mt. DAISEN

公開日: 2013-01-04

Tottori University and Shimane University are joinly planning to hold the skiing training for thier International Students.
Please apply for the tour at International Affairs Division (Tottori campus) or Gakuseigakari (Yonago campus) with the participation fee and your health insurance card.

Only international students can participate in this tour.
International students’ family, friends, researchers cannot .

Tour Term Tuesday, February 19  - Wednesday, February 20 ,2013
Meeting time and place
  2/19  8:00 at the in front of Administration of Bureau in Tottori campus
          around 10:15 at the Academic Affairs Division in Yonago Campus
*The tour will finish and arrive at Yonago Campus around 4 and at Tottori Campus around 18:30.
*The meeting time and place might be changed. Please check the time and place again in a leaflet which IAD will prepare.
Participation fee 3120 yen
  - Meal Charges for dinner on February 19, and breakfast on  February 20
  -Accommodation fee
  -Heating expense
  -Accident insurance
Please pay the exact amount of money so that change may not be needed.
Application deadline 5pm Friday, January 25, 2013
First-come and first-serviced basis.
We will never accept your application after 5 pm January 25.
*The number of participants is 30.
Application place Tottori campus: International Affairs Division
Yonago campus: Gakuseigakari

Please let us know your cancellation by 5 pm January 25, if you decide to cancel.
Your participation fee may not be reimbursed when you cancel your application after January 28.

★The participation fee does not include lift ticket fee and Meal charge for lunch on February 19 and 20.
★The University will prepare ski equipment such as skies, boots, poles, jacket, Pants, gloves, cap and goggles for participants, so that participant does not need to prepare any money to rent the equipment.
*However, if you would like to take your own equipment, please let us know when you apply for this tour.

Left Ticket fee (group rate)

Half-day (8:00-12:30) Half-day (12:00-16:30) Full day
1500yen 1500yen 3000yen

Would you come to IAD to get a leaflet for this ski tour from February 12 to February 18?
In addition, the information will be posted also on the homepage of IAD on February 13.