Would you join the meeting to give opinions on sightseeing in Tottori? (This meeting will be held by Tottori prefectural office and JTB)

公開日: 2011-02-03

To increase the number of foreign tourists who visit Tottori
Prefecture, we are doing a project to send the charm of Tottori out to foreign countries.
Could you please evaluate those sightseeing materials to help us commercialize Tottori?
The Tottori prefectual office is going to hold an international meeting! We would like to
introduce fun activities and sightseeing spots which are not known very much by forigners.
Also, we want hear your opinions.You might discover new things of Tottori Pref.
On that day, we prepare sweets which are made in Tottori.
Please come and join us and let's have fun time.

Date&Time:February 21.(mon)2011 3:00P.M to4:30PM
Location:Meeting Room at Tottori University
Entry fee:Free
Number to be admitted:10 people
The deadline for applications is Feburuary 14.
Contents:・Tourist Information of Tottori Prefecturte
       ・Exchange of opinions&questionnaire
       (with English and Korean interpreters)
   ・You can taste souvenir (special sweets or snack)from Tottori
※Please answer the questionnaire beforehand.

Application:Tottori University international exchange section

Host:・Tottori Prefectural Government
        International Tourism Advancement Division
         Culture and Tourism Bureau

        ・JTB CHUGOKU SHIKOKU Coup .Tottori Branch