Why don't you join the event to learn how to wear Yukata?

公開日: 2010-06-21

Invitation to "Yukata Wearing Class"



 Tottori –Chuo- Rotary Club is planning  "Yukata (Japanese summer garment) dressing class" on Wednesday July 7th for international students


Wednesday July7th   18:00~20:00


Koyama-Nishi-Public House run by Tottori City. ( Tottori-city Plaza) 

A place for application

International Affairs Division

Application Due Date

June 28th  (on first-come, first-served basis: Students who join this event for the first time will be given the priority.)
You may also apply for this event by using E-mail: kokuko-gaku@adm.tottori-u.ac.jp


 Men 10/Women20

Time Schedule

     ~18:00: Preparation

18:00~20:00: Wearing Yukata -> Decorating bamboo trees

->Bon Dance

20:00~     : Folding Yukata and Cleaning up the room

*Please take your camera to this event if you would like to have some photos.
*Aslo people who have your own yukata and can put it on by yourself can join this event.