Would you like to join the 23rd Japan Tent? ' Interchange Program for international students in Ishikawa'

公開日: 2010-06-15

タイトル:JAPAN TENT (Application Due Date: June 25rd)


If you would like to apply for JAPAN TENT, please submit necessary application documents to the International Affairs Division (IAD) of Tottori University by Friday, June 25th. (Application forms are available at IAD.)
You need to submit a photocopy of a medical checkup certificate (issued in or after this January, including X-ray, urine test, etc.), a photocopy of Student ID.
IAD will also check your National Health Insurance Certificate and receipts for the premiums, so please take them to IAD along with application forms.

*Once you are selected as a participant of this event, you will not be able to cancel your participation. So, before you apply for JAPAN TENT, please go to your teachers or kyoumu-kakari (your faculty's office), etc. in order to make sure that you will have no classes, no tests, no supplementary classes, etc. from Aug. 19th to Aug. 25th



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