To students who belonged to Japanese language school or Japanese University right before you enroll in Tottori University

公開日: 2014-10-20

If you belonged to Japanese language school or Japanese University right before you enroll in Tottori University, you are required to notify the Minister of Justice that you left the Japanese language school or Japanese University and you enrolled in Tottori University within 14 days of the event.
If you forget to submit the notifications for it, you may be imposed a fine or your prospective application of extension may not be accepted.  

Required documents
 ◇the notification(leaving and transfer of the organization)
  ◇a copy of resident card
※If you have submitted the notification of leaving of the organization when you left Japanese language school or University, please submit the notification for transfer only. 

How to and where to notify
 ◇If you send a notification to Tokyo Immigration bureau via mail, please enclose a copy of your resident card.
     Tokyo Immigration Bureau, Department of Residency Management, Reception office of Notification 
     5-5-30 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to, 108-8255   

 ◇If you submit a notification through the Internet, please click here(immigration Bureau of Japan).
 ◇If you submit a notification at a Regional Immigration Office, Please go to Immigration office at YONAGO airport with required documents.