Associate Professor Graciela Cravioto

Associate Professor Graciela Cravioto

Born in Mexico City. Arrived to Japan in 1987.




Field of Specialization: Mathematical Economics, Latin America.


Main Responsibilities: Lectures and activities for intercultural understanding and international exchange between Japan, Mexico and other Latin-American countries.


Classes: “Mexico Overview”, “Latin America and the Caribbean Countries Overview”, “Spanish”, “English”, as well as a part of “Affairs of Japanese Culture” and “Global Citizen Workshop”.


Other Activities: Leading and guiding students in the Overseas Practical Education Program in Mexico, Promoting understanding of Latin America among Tottori citizens.


Research Themes: Continuity and transformation of the Japanese economy                                                                    (Case study: Panasonic Mexico. Matsushita Electric Group).

Japanese corporations and economic development in the state of Aguascalientes in Mexico.

Spanish language education.


Brief Message: Learning foreign languages, traveling around the world and living the experience with all your senses is the best way to understand other cultures and reconsider your own.  Come to our center and we'll support you to reach your goal to become a global citizen.