International exchange in Tottori Uni.

Associate Professor Dagnachew AKLOG, PhD, Eng.

Associate Professor Dagnachew AKLOG





Hello, welcome to our website. I am Aklog, Ethiopian and former international student of Tottori University. My major is Sanitary Engineering, which is an engineering discipline dealing with design, operation and maintenance of water supply and wastewater systems. I got my PhD in March 2005 from the Graduate School of Engineering, Tottori University and have been a member of the Center for International Affairs since April of the same year.

At our Center, I devote myself to supporting international students in their studies and daily lives and providing Japanese students who want to study abroad with the necessary information and advice.

I also give classes to international students as well as Japanese students; some classes in Japanese and some in English. Some of the courses I give include “Computer Applications” and “Outlook on Japanese Society” for international students and “Global Environmental Issues” and “Technologies to Sustain Our Modern Society” for Japanese students.

My research interest is Application of Optimization Techniques for Solving Real-world Problems. My most favorite optimization methods include Genetic Algorithm (GA) for non-linear and complex problems and Linear Programming (LP) for problems that can be formulated as a set of linear equations.